Book Review: Archie Marries Veronica: “The Wedding” by Michael Uslan, et al.

Archie Marries Veronica 2 - the weddingThe wedding that no one ever thought would happen, does, and Archie is thrown into Veronica’s family business. He is tired and over worked, spending his days trying to live up to his father-in-law’s faith in him and his evenings going out on the town with his new bride. And now a new twist is heaped on his shoulder – Veronica is pregnant! Will Archie be able to keep up? Find out with my next review — Archie: Marries Veronica: “It’s Twins.”

Review by Leslie B.


What’s New at the Library?



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There are ten new bestsellers, three new children’s books, and 33 other new books.

The new bestsellers this week include “Fire and Blood: 300 Years Before A Game of Thrones,” “Kingdom of the Blind: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel,” and “Tom Clancy Oath of Office.”

Book Review: Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

51y-84G7o4LRachel Hollis is the creator of lifestyle website The Chic Site. In this book she gives advice to women, much as she does on her website. She is plainspoken and writes as though writing to friends or at least to those familiar with her work. Each chapter breaks down a lie that she believed about herself (and that many other women likely believe about themselves as well) and shows the lie for what it is and how she overcame it. On the whole, the advice is good, particularly if you are looking for a Christian self-help book that isn’t preachy.

If you are familiar with Hollis’ work, you will probably enjoy this book. She doesn’t hold back and shares honest and sometimes painful stories from her own life to illustrate how she learned to improve. She also shares the embarrassing and funny stories that will surely appeal to a lot of women.

Unfortunately, I am not the target audience for this book. I’m not married or a mother or someone with an interest in lifestyle websites. I also don’t read self-help books very often, preferring to figure things out on my own. While, sure, the parenting advice isn’t for me, there were still chapters on general life advice or on work life that would be applicable to me. Yet, I found the tone of the book off-putting. The thesis appears to be “You are completely messing up your life and here’s how to fix it” which just makes me want to set the book down and never pick it up again. I only finished it because it was a book club selection, so I felt obligated.

Review by Jessica A.

Monday Spotlight: Basic Computer Skills Class



Basic Computer Skills
Tuesday, December 4, 10:00-11:30 a.m.

This 1½-hour class will introduce people who have little or no experience with computers to the parts and uses of a personal computer.  The intention is to help people get over any fears they may have of using a computer.  Topics include using the mouse and keyboard, and working with Windows menus, files, and toolbars.

Friday Reads: Health Improvement

I don’t know about you, but I think winter colds are the worst. They linger and the cold air outside only makes them worse. So, I’m hoping to avoid a cold and work on getting and staying healthy this winter. Who’s with me? Maybe you’ve already gotten your flu shot for the season and are looking for some other ways to stay healthy this winter. Or perhaps you have a particular concern you’d like to read up on. Check out Danville Public Library’s newest health books listed below.

51rljbkk2b7l-_sx328_bo1204203200_Radical Metabolism: A Powerful New Plan to Blast Fat and Reignite Your Energy in Just 21 Days by Anne Louise Gittleman and Valerie Burke

“The New York Times bestselling author (Fat Flush series, Before the Change) is back with a new program that shares the key to a host of issues, including thyroid and autoimmune, with a practical plan for health, vibrancy, and longevity. Gut health, thyroid disorders, and autoimmune disease have all come to fore as serious health conditions that are little understood by many health professionals. Cutting-edge health pioneer Ann Louise Gittleman unlocks the secret connection to all these disorders–offering a new lifestyle and eating plan that makes you feel better. Bonus? You’ll rev your metabolism and lose weight. Due to the modern Western diet and lifestyle, a large percentage of the population unknowingly suffers from bile insufficiency–meaning, their bile has become thick, sludgy and congested. A healthy gut produces an abundance of thin, freely flowing bile every day, and it must be released at the appropriate times, in appropriate amounts. In Radical Metabolism, Gittleman demonstrates how “sick bile” is often an underlying factor in thyroid dysfunction, weight gain, digestive upsets, autoimmune issues (Hashimoto’s, allergies, arthritis), hormone disruption, insomnia, arthritis and chronic fatigue, and many other devastating diseases. The problem is even worse if you’ve had your gallbladder removed. Radical Metabolism features a 21-day healing program with basic and advanced protocols for those who still have their gallbladder, as well as for those who don’t. Complete with dietary guidelines, delicious recipes, shopping lists, supplement recommendations, and an extensive resource list, Radical Metabolism offers the tools to combat chronic health conditions and offer a new lease on life”– Provided by publisher.

41pvetelksl-_sx329_bo1204203200_The Breakthrough: Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer by Charles Graeber

Draws on the experiences of patients, physicians, and researchers to explain the revolutionary development of immunotherapy as a treatment for cancer and how that information is being harnessed to create more effective patient therapies.



81h0412br-hlThe Healing Powers of Tea: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Special Remedy by Cal Orey

This book boils down the rich history of tea, as well as the ever-expanding list of health and weight loss benefits found in its leaves.




36220702._UY630_SR1200,630_Balanced and Beautiful: 5-Day Reset For Your Mind, Body, and Spirit by Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn

BALANCED AND BEAUTIFUL is a guide to focusing on the amazing woman that is you, with a 5-day plan to Refresh, Motivate, Inspire, Energize, and last but not least, Relax. Filled with daily fitness routines, delicious recipes, wisdom to transform your mindset, and all the love and advice of the TIU [Tone It Up] community, Karena and Katrina make it easier than ever to reach your goals and feel great. Each day, you’ll find tips and advice for every aspect of your journey, told through fun and fascinating stories and secrets that will be like having your best girlfriend along for the ride. Throughout these pages, you’ll feel empowered, uplifted, and connected—with the entire TIU community behind you, cheering you on towards your most confident, centered self.*

*Description from Goodreads.

9781401954406Medical Medium Liver Rescue: Answers to Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Strep, Acne, Gout, Bloating, Gallstones, Adrenal Disease, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, Weight Issues, SIBO & Auotoimmune Disease by Anthony William

“What if you could focus on one aspect of your well-being to transform all the others–and at the same time prevent health problems you didn’t even know were lurking beneath the surface? In today’s world, we have no idea how many symptoms, conditions, and diseases are rooted in an overloaded liver. It’s not only about liver cancer, cirrhosis, and hepatitis. Nearly every challenge–from pesky general health complaints to digestive issues to emotional struggles to weight gain to high blood pressure to heart problems to brain fog to skin conditions to autoimmune and other chronic illnesses–has an origin in an overloaded liver and can improve and heal when you harness the force of this humble organ. Medical Medium Liver Rescue offers the answers you should have had all along. With his signature compassion, Anthony William, the Medical Medium, shares unparalleled insights into undiscovered functions of our life-saving livers, explains what’s behind dozens of health issues that hold us back, and offers detailed guidance on how to move forward so we can live our best lives. Find out for yourself what liver rescue is all about: being clearer-headed, more peaceful, happier, and better able to adapt to our fast-changing times. Learn how to sleep well, balance blood sugar, lower blood pressure, lose weight, and look and feel younger. A healthy liver is the ultimate de-stressor, anti-aging ally, and safeguard against a threatening world–if we give it the right support”– Provided by publisher.


Note: All book covers are from Google Images and all descriptions are from the SHARE Catalog, except where otherwise noted.

Book Review: Archie Marries Veronica: “The Proposal” by Michael Uslan, Stan Goldberg, Bob Smith, Jack Morelli, and Glenn Whitmore

archie married veronica 1 - the proposalWell the world thought it would never happen, Archie getting married. But, to Veronica? Archie is graduating from high school and is overwhelmed by how unprepared he is for life after high school. So, he goes for a walk to figure it all out and as he is walking down Memory Lane, we find him in the future graduating from college. Again he is overwhelmed and decides the only direction he can go is one of matrimony, choosing Veronica. Her and her father plan his wedding and life from this point on, leaving him no longer confused about is future. What will happen next? Find out with my next review — Archie Marries Veronica: “The Wedding.”


Review by Leslie B.

What’s New at the Library?



See what’s new this week at the Danville Public Library at:

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There are four new bestsellers and six other new books.

The new bestsellers this week include “This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See,” “Tony’s Wife: A Novel,” and “Never Home Alone: From Microbes to Millipedes, Camel Crickets, and Honeybees, the Natural History of Where We Live.”