Book Review: Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer by Van Jensen and Dusty Higgins

pinocchio_vampire_slayerAll month long in October, we will post reviews of books with spooky themes, whether outright horror or just uncanny.

I came across this title when I was looking for Pinocchio books to read at a children’s story time. Obviously, this was not a suitable choice for the preschoolers. Equally as obvious, I needed to read it myself.

The graphic novel starts with an injunction to read Carlo Collodi’s orginal version of Pinocchio, especially if all you know is the Disney version (which I’ve long forgotten–did I ever even see it?). The creators even include a little comic version of Collodi’s Pinocchio just to make sure the reader is all caught up, since this story takes place a few years later.

At the start of the story, Geppetto has been killed by vampires who have since overrun the village. Pinocchio and his lying nose seem to be the only defense against the undead, yet the townsfolk don’t even believe that the vampires exist. It’s up to Pinocchio, the cricket, the blue fairy, and Mr. Cherry to exterminate the vampires.

The book is fun, not amazing, but much as had hoped and expected: off-the-wall in a dark way and a bit sad. The art is good, as is the story. There are a few sequels wandering about out there, so I may just have to read those too.

Review by Jessica A.


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