Book Review: Dark Days by Derek Landy


Spoilers for book three in the series: Skulduggery Pleasant has been sucked into the world of the Faceless Ones and now Valkyrie is working to bring him back. There’s also the matter of a man who has been in prison for the last 200 years wanting to exact some revenge upon the Sanctuaries (the ruling bodies of the magical world). And sensitives are starting to experience dreams and prophecies of the world coming to an end. Nothing to worry about.

This series has always been a lot of fun. Pleasant’s dry humor is spot-on and unlike the Harry Potter series (which also famously involves a child who learns about the magical world and his place in it), this is a little more grim from the get-go. Valkyrie doesn’t go off to a wizarding school, she just gets taken on as apprentice to Pleasant who is a detective. He’s also a skeleton, by the way. By this book, she’s been working cases and saving the world with Skulduggery for years. They’ve gathered a sort of motley crew of allies who help out when things get dicey, and they always do.

It had been a few years since I had read book three in the series, so I was worried I might not remember much when I started reading this one, but I needn’t have worried: It’s basically impossible to forget these characters. (Except Fletcher. I totally forgot about Fletcher.) The world created by Landy is so distinctive and real for me that it was easy to slide back in and enjoy the new story. I wouldn’t recommend reading this series out of sequence, but I wholeheartedly recommend this series, starting with (conveniently enough) Skulduggery Pleasant.

Review by Jessica A.


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