Book Review: Uprooted by Naomi Novik

20140157_1370676343028594_5196560782523727674_nEvery ten years the Dragon, one of the most powerful immortal wizard in the land, takes a young woman to live in his home as his servant. The young woman is always the prettiest, most talented girl in the land and everyone is positive that it will be the same this year. This is the tenth year and Agnieszka is 17 and destine to be one of the possible chosen. But, she is not concerned, she is too-skinny with big feet and tangled brown hair and her only gift is to be always getting dirt, losing things and tearing her clothing. Agnieszka’s only fear is that her best friend is the one everyone knows will be chosen. Kasia is the most beautiful talented young lady and is sure to go. So it comes to a great surprise that Agnieszka is not only chosen but that she has the gift to be the most powerful witch and rid the land of the dangers that attack out of the shadows from the wood.

Review by Leslie B.


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