Book Review: Cleopatra in Space Book One: Target Practice


15-year-old Princess Cleopatra has little interest in her school lessons. She’d rather make slingshots and go exploring. While investigating a strange cave, she is accidentally catapulted into the future and surrounded by talking cats. Unable to return to her present, she is enrolled in the Yasiro Academy and told of the evil Xaius Octavian who is destroying planet after planet. Cleo is no fan of her classes, except combat training, and has to struggle with adjusting to a new world and finding her place in it.

Maihack’s artwork is simple and wonderful. The linework is expressive and the colors are perfect. He has also created a universe that basically looks like ‘what if the Ancient Egyptians lived in the distant future and were capable of casual flight between worlds.’ It’s awesome. The characters are diverse and it’s easy to sense the love that Maihack has for them. This is an all-ages comic that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys adventure stories, science fiction, or Ancient Egypt. If you love all three of those things, then you’re definitely going to want to check this out.

Review by Jessica A.


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