Book Review: The Charmed Sphere by Catherine Asaro


I have read a lot of books with magic in them, but I have never read one that takes such a different path as this book does. In the realm of the Charmed Sphere, Asaro delineates her mages using the colors of the rainbow, the higher you are on the arc of the rainbow, the more powerful you are. Red being the weakest and Indigo Mages being the strongest, therefore very rare indeed, each color having their own specialty, blue being good at effecting moods and so forth. Also, each mage has a shape assigned to their power level, the more sides a shape has the more powerful they are, with a sphere the strongest with an infinite number of sides. I found this an interesting way of categorizing mages, that I have never experienced before, with a very beautiful and elegant structure.

Review by Leslie B.


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