Book Review: The Book Jumper by Mechthild Gläser


Alexis had Amy when she was a teenager and immediately left home to make her own way and told Amy very little about her past. So when they arrive at Alexis’ family home, Amy is very surprised to learn how wealthy her family is. If this sounds a bit like Gilmore Girls, well it does, but with fewer quips and a lot less coffee. The names Alexis and Amy also seem to be a nod to the TV show (Alexis Bledel played Rory Gilmore and Amy Sherman-Pallidino created Gilmore Girls.) So the premise is: What if Rory had the ability to jump into books and interact with the characters. Alexis and Amy are of the Lennox family who shares the Scottish island of Stormsay with the Macalister clan. There is quite a lot of tension between the two clans, but they both take their ability to enter the book world very seriously, for it is their job to protect it. So when Sherlock Homes goes missing for The Hound of the Baskervilles and the Alice fails to meet the White Rabbit, Amy and the other book jumpers Betsy and Will know that something has truly gone wrong in the book world.

I love the concept of the story. As an avid reader, I would relish the opportunity to visit the worlds I read about. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day auditing classes at Hogwarts, or taking in the sights of the Emerald City with Dorothy? I wasn’t too happy with how the ending played out in this book, but on the whole it was fun and excited my imagination.

Review by Jessica A.


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