The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 (2015-present) by Ryan North, Erica Henderson, and Rico Renzi


Well many of you who read my reviews on a regular basis believe that I will never find a comic or graphic novel I like. Well both you and I were proved wrong today. I read about Squirrel Girl and could not stop laughing. This comic is a choose the story book which I thought was a great way to make the story your own, but also very tongue in cheek. Squirrel Girl is out to save New York City, but it appears that all of the bad guys are active at the same time, due to the Swarm doing his research on them. She defeats three bad guys and then attempts to defeat the Swarm. But, her powers are no match for him, so she calls her friend Kio Boi who almost doesn’t answer his phone because he is busy. They team up to battle the Swarm and throughout comic book style puns along the way making this a charming book. A must read!!

Review by Leslie B.


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