Book Review: A Plague of Zombies by Diana Gabaldon

18403714_1283113398451556_7757486304728422798_nI love the Outlander series by Gabaldon! However, though I am not as found of her Lord John series I do read it when I am in the mood for a more flowery, poetic writing. When I came upon this title I was ecstatic and terrified to see that Gabaldon was following in the footsteps of so many others and jumping on the zombie wagon. I was surprised that she was able to create an interesting story without it becoming crazy and jumping head first out of her series. This story, though called an Outlander Novella is about Lord John and his time spent in the Caribbean, dealing with the problems of a British territory and attempting to regain control of the government. Gabaldon does a great job making the zombies less about the supernatural and more about the science behind how the perceived dead can in fact kill.

Review by Leslie B.


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