Book Review: The Fuse, vol. 1: The Russia Shift by Antony Johnston and Justin Greenwood

thefuse_v1This graphic novel is set on an earth-orbiting satellite and starts off with the murder of a homeless person (called a “cabler” because the homeless tend to live in among the cables and pipes of the station). Dietrich, a newly arrived cop from Earth meets his partner on the so-called Russia Shift and they investigate the murder which quickly turns into more than one murder and involves some serious political intrigue.

I really enjoyed the characters in this book. While Klem and Dietrich are at odds (as cops in mystery stories so often are) at times, they work well together. Dietrich mostly accepts what Klem says about what to do and how things work, but he also does some research on his own. He’s working to understand his new environment and through him, the audience learns about it too. This story doesn’t go into great detail when it comes to world-building, focusing mainly on the mystery instead, but that’s not to suggest that there is no world-building whatever. It’s just subtle. As far as the mystery goes, I didn’t have the guilty party pegged so the story definitely kept me on my toes. The artwork is also pretty great, with unique character design and backgrounds. This is where much of the world-building is done actually, like the level where the rich folks live is full of such detail on the housing and how it’s made to look like a sunny day on Earth. There’s definitely more story to tell and so far there are four volumes, so I have some catching up to do.

Review by Jessica A.


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