Book Review: Flight of the Sparrow by Amy Belding Brown

17884369_1255965414499688_7642333755973709824_nWhen a Puritan woman is captured by Indians in a raid on a colonial village, will she find her new life as a slave more or less confining than her old life as an English woman? There are many definitions of slavery; indentured servant, minion, lackey, wife, some thrust on a person by circumstance and others by society. After her capture and return, Mary has difficulty with the views of English society towards the Indians who captured her and treated her well, sharing with her all that they had despite her status as a slave. Her upbringing has guided her beliefs, but her reality has changed her thinking. Brown does a wonderful job bringing these questions of point of view into light, showing how prejudice can take many different paths.

Review by Leslie B.


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