Book Review: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

letpretendthisneverhappened11Jenny Lawson is perhaps better known on the internet as The Bloggess. She writes about her own life and the hilarious antics she and her family get up to. As the daughter of a taxidermist who thought it was totally normal to bring a baby cougar into the house, her childhood was at a level of eccentricity that you would never believe if it weren’t actually true. Like how her kept wild turkeys who once followed Jenny and her sister to school and absolutely destroyed the interior of the building. She met her husband in the New Age section of a bookstore where he pointed out that he already owned most of the books and she could just come by his dorm to borrow them. She did and many years later, they are still married and have a lovely daughter named Hailey. The book has it’s serious moments as well, such as her miscarriages and her diagnosis of General Anxiety Disorder. I love her honesty about these things because reading a book about a woman who hates social gatherings due to her anxiety disorder makes me feel more normal for also being nervous and awkward in social settings. Mostly the book is full of super weird and hilarious stories. Have you ever had to shoo vultures away from your dead dog with a machete, because Jenny has, and it’s as horrific and funny as you would imagine. Mostly horrific. I listened to the audiobook, which was narrated by the author and included a bonus chapter originally cut from the book. It also includes a chapter at the very very end where she’s basically just rambling on the mike after she’s finished reading. It’s well worth searching out the audio version, trust me. As stated in the introduction, this is not a book for those who would be offended by swear words, since she uses them quite liberally. I loved this book and look forward to reading her second memoir Furiously Happy as well.

Review by Jessica A.


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