Book Review: Shadowshaper by Daniel José Older

9780545591614_custom-35de23e4b9ccd9fa3838ee0dea0ac46065cb32f9-s400-c85Reminder: Page Turners Book Club will be discussing Shadowshaper on Thursday at 6 PM.

Sierra paints murals on the sides of buildings and has noticed that a few other murals are fading lately. And she thought she saw one cry the other day. She learns that she comes from a line of shadowshapers, people who can put shadows (or spirits) into drawings and paintings so that they may have new life and freedom. Mostly the spirits are friendly, even helpful, but when controlled by one who wishes to destroy all shadowshapers, they can be quite dangerous. The story contains family secrets, zombies, and living murals. Shadowshaper straddles the line between fantasy and ghost story, while also being a love letter to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Sierra is proud of her Puerto Rican heritage and loves being a part of Bed-Stuy, even as gentrification creeps its way in. I really enjoyed this book. There’s a novella in the series called Ghost Girl in the Corner and Older is currently writing a sequel, Shadowhouse Fall. I can’t wait to read more of Sierra’s adventures.

Review by Jessica A.



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