Book Review: The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. LeGuin

the-lathe-of-heavenBeing the Speculative fiction reader that I am, I have for the most part stayed with the authors I know I love. But, I have decided to branch out and try some of the older classics, this being one of them. Despite the fact that this book was published in 1972, it is very accurate as to the future it portrays, predicting global warming, pollution and the war in the Middle East. I also found the subject compelling. George Orr has been using medication to stop himself from dreaming when he discovers that his dreams come true. His abuse of drugs to discovered and he is sent to a sleep specialist to get his problem under control, but the Doctor discovers that George’s claim that he can dream new realities is true and uses George to create his own version of utopia. The ethical ramification in this book was so very interesting, the pros and cons of some of the changes and how they affected life, death and freedom in the new society. I do recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a good head scratch.

Review by Leslie B.


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