Book Review: Revolution by Jennifer Donnely

16178714_10210559370651887_549616470032361159_oAndi is a senior in high school, and if that is not enough to deal with she has many problems in her court. Two years age her brother was killed in a traffic accident and Andi blames herself, which has led to depression, taking too much of the medication to combat depression, drug addiction to those medications, and the hallucinations that come with over medication. She lives alone with her mother who has gone crazy due to the loss of her son. Andi is about to fail out of school when her father shows up and insists she go with him for three weeks to Paris to study, puts her mom in a mental hospital, and leaves her on her own with friends while he is caught up in the world of genetics. This book is great, Andi is writing her senior thesis on a composer from the French revolution, her father’s research deals with the possibility of finding the long lost Dauphin of France, and Andi is reading a diary of the nanny that took care of the Dauphin. My only dislike of the book is the end when Andi’s hallucination turn from medication induced dreams into time travel. It just went too far for me, but up to that point I loved the book.

Review by Leslie B.


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