Book Review: The Fireman by Joe Hill


A disease known as Dragonscale has grown to epidemic proportions. The infected have black and gold scrollwork markings on their skin which sometimes heats up. Sometimes the person goes up in flames. This can cause a chain reaction among those infected with the ‘Scale so that an entire building can burn to the ground. Or a forest.

Harper is a nurse trying her best to help those infected when she first meets The Fireman, who brings a deaf boy into the hospital for an illness not related to Dragonscale. Later, when Harper herself becomes infected, it is The Fireman who leads her to a commune full of infected who have learned how to live with the Dragonscale without burning up. While this community is welcoming to newcomers, it is of course cautious not to be found by outsiders who may lead the authorities to their doorstep.

This book is terrific. While it won Goodreads’ Readers’ Choice Award for Horror books, I agree with the author that his isn’t really a horror story. It’s a survival story set in an apocalyptic world. I can’t express enough the love I have for the main characters, or how much I want to punch the main antagonist.

The Page Turners Book Club will be discussing this book on Thursday at 6 PM. Please join us!

Review by Jessica A.


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