Book Review: A Sword for the Immerland by F.W. Faller


Are swords by nature inherently evil? Or is it in the nature of the one who wields the sword that the sword derives its employment? When the King approaches a local black smith to make him a sword for his 50th birthday, the smith refuses to make a sword, due to the fact that all weapons are for the purpose of killing. The smith will make blades for function; cooking, harvesting, surgery, but will not make any blades to do harm. Since the smith’s refusal the King locks him in the castle until he changes his mind. The princess who has the ear of the King learns of a possible threat to her kingdom, and has promised her father not to reveal what she knows to anyone. The smith’s son who is desperate the secure his father’s release, promises his father that he will not make the sword for the King or anyone else. Can this problem be solved without magical intervention?


Review by Leslie B.


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