Book Review: Blood Kiss by J.R.Ward

15349587_10210082022238475_1197390965266493171_nThe black dagger brotherhood is with us again, but this time Ward is not so focused on the brotherhood as she is the next generation of vampire warriors. In the world of J. R. Ward, the vampires are good and the slayers called lessers are bad, is we follow the war between these two people, one side trying to protect their families and the other trying to destroy the vampires once and for all. But, there has recently been a massacre by the lesser, wiping out more than ½ the vampire population. The brotherhood is diminished and is having a hard time keeping the few remaining vampires safe. Warriors have traditionally been born into their role, but the population cannot keep up with the need, forcing the brotherhood to try something outside of tradition, to recruit and train a new generation of vampire warriors. This story follows the first class of these students.

Review by Leslie B.


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