Red Sonja by Gail Simone and Walter Geovani

14581387_1091483207614577_3483106328835455022_nWell, as you may or may not know, I have been trying to get into graphic novels. I began by reading graphic novels that were tangent stories of novels I loved, Outlander by Diana Gabeldon, and the Hollow series by Kim Harrison. And even though they were books I loved, I could not get into the Graphic novels, the characters didn’t look or act the way I had pictured them in my mind. So I was looking at the cover of a young adult novel the other day and turned to my friend saying, “Wow, what could be better than a girl in chain mail carrying a sword, standing in front of a castle!” Jessica is a graphic novel fan and knowing my likes and dislikes she recommended this graphic novel to me. Sorry Jessica, it was good, but still not my thing.

Review by Leslie B.


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