Book Review: Angel Catbird by Margaret Atwood and Johnnie Christmas

angelcatbird-0Margaret Atwood is famous for her novels such as The Handmaid’s Tale. This is her first graphic novel. In the introduction she states that she had prior experience writing and drawing comics for her college newspaper, but this is the first time she’s written a long-form comic.

It’s good. The art is lovely and the colors really pop. The story centers around a scientist who is working on a formula for a bioengineering company. Once he cracks it and is on his way to the office late at night to present it to his boss, he has an accident and the formula spills on him, causing him to transform into a half-man/half-cat/half-owl hybrid. Apparently, there are other such hybrids out there. His boss looks remarkably like Peter Pettigrew, i.e. Wormtail, from the Harry Potter films, which should tell you what sort of animal he transforms into (rat).

This is an origin story and I feel like later volumes will get more in depth into who the characters are and their circumstances than this book did. Nonetheless, I enjoyed Angel Catbird and look forward to more comics from Margaret Atwood.

Review by Jessica A.



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