Book Review: The Dawn Country by W. Michael and Kathleen O’Neal Gear

14600948_1068678796561685_3650448446675625106_nThe peril of slavery is made only more hideous when the slave is a child. Odion and his friends where held captive by an evil trader and forced to do the most horrible things. We managed to escape with half of the slaves and were reunited with his warrior parents. He would not allow himself to be taken home until his parents had freed all the others. This story is a difficult one to get through; the subject is just that disturbing. Then the story is told from the adults’ point of view there is always politics involved with the campaign to rescue the slaves and kill the trader, when It is told from Odion’s point of view, all is clear and I know what I believes should happen to save the day.

Review by Leslie B.

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