Book Review: “The Other Einstein” by Marie Benedict

imageBy: Marie Benedict. (To be published Oct. 2016)

I so enjoy biographies cloaked in novel format. Truthfully, I think I may be one of a few that didn’t already know the story of Einstein’s first wife. From what I gathered, most of the story follows the history and the novel format fills in the fodder.

In a time where females were looked upon disapprovingly for chasing their educational dreams, Mitza persevered to attend a predominately male career choice in the sciences. We have all heard of Marie Curie (who is also mentioned here) but Mitza Einstein not so much.

Ridiculed by professors, fellow students and society she ensconced herself in the world of physics and mathematics at Zurick’s Polytechnic Institute. Here she met Albert Einstein and began her journey to become a theorist in her own right. Working side by side they developed published theories although never given credit for her contribution. Her husband didn’t add or removed her name from the submissions citing her failure to attain her “certifications” as a deterrent from the theories being taken seriously. In the early 1900’s it was not unusual for the wife to blindly follow their husbands decisions and she became no exception to that rule while married and raising two children.

Passion, friendship, betrayal and heartbreak are a few of the lesson’s Mitza learned during the the years the Einstein’s were together. Come and read about the journey this brave young lady made to follow her dreams and passions in the field of mathematics! Even if your interests lie in other than the science fields there is a great story of struggle that could apply to any century.

*Thanks to Net Galley for a free copy in exchange for an honest review


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