Book Review: Paper and Fire: (The Great Library, Book 2) by Rachel Caine


So, after reading the 1st book in this series, I was a little disappointed in the pace of the first part of this story. All my favorite characters were here and trying to save one of their own from the manipulative leaders of the Library but I was anxious to get to a more “let’s get ‘er done” script! Now, don’t get me wrong I still enjoyed the continuing saga but fighting the same automatas, burner’s and the malicious Archiver was becoming a little monotonous.

I think the original storyline drew me in because I thought it was novel. Protecting and securing written word from..well…forever, gave me goosebumps. As a book lover I would love to have worked in that environment. But as with most things, someone becomes greedy for power and spoils the altruistic endeavor. Times, they are a changing in this story and the cast of characters are undertaking the challenge.

The second half of the read was well worth the wait! A couple twists and revelations kept me eager for more. I love this “band of brothers” storyline and the development of the characters’ attributes and backgrounds. Their loyalty to each other and their mission are tested to the max but they must persevere or die trying!

Reading between the lines (or maybe being a conspiracy theorist at heart) gives you pause to wonder if all our written history and/or discoveries have been shared with the general public!

Pick up the first book “Ink and Bone” (5 stars from me!) and continue the journey with this read. I don’t think you will be disappointed!



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