Book Review: Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn



By: Sarah Kuhn

Quirky, sassy, well written story about a “sidekick” of a superhero and their crew. Alright, also a little weird. Not the base story of always being in someone’s shadow and learning to love yourself for who you are but for the demon’s use of “the first thing they see” when crossing the portal into the human realm. Becoming a cupcake? Really? Can you see cupcakes flying around with fangs and claws? A disembodied hand doing the same? Taking on the shape of a marketing poster? I had a hard time taking any of that seriously but for a flighty, comic relief I supposed it would work for most. Being pragmatic, I questioned the how’s and whys of the superheroes gaining their powers. Obtained on the first “demon invasion”, did they get bitten?, why didn’t everyone get powers? Why were some weaker than others? I finally realized that I needed to stop nitpicking the flaky premise and just go with the flow.

I almost gave up on the story in the beginning because of the those things but something kept me invested. I think it was the interactions of Aveda, Evie and the rest of the crew. Have you ever been a sidekick to your best friend? Have you ever been the best friend who has a sidekick? Lessons to be learned from both characters in this book. Even though I felt like I knew how the whole story was going to unfold, I was still compelled to see it on the pages. I was right about the story but I enjoyed the telling non the less.

Life lessons abound in this read. Ranging from becoming confident in yourself to family discourse and recovery, it seemed to travel the gammet. I thought that part of the story was well done. It had a little romance and some adult jargon which gave it a more adult flavor or I could have seen this as a young adult publication.

If you are looking for something a little different and can easily assimilate fanciful characters this might be one you will want to pick up.


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