Book Review: The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman by Brady G. Stefani


This author did a great job of keeping me guessing about the true nature of this story. Was Courtney truly gifted with abilities to communicate with “aliens” beyond this dimension or was she suffering from Schizophrenia and imagining that the visions and dreams were real occurrences?

Either way it was a fun fantasy or an enlightening look into the mind of a 15 year old dealing with all too real scenarios that would test the sanity of any of us. Visits by aliens, the ability to mind connect with others that share a special bloodline, an imaginary friend that materializes in real life and an instance of possible abuse that could leave any child with PTSD are a few of the themes that run through this story.

Well written and intriguing. I enjoyed the mystery and will let the reader decide if it’s fantasy or “real” as I am sure was the purpose of the author.

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