A Must Read! Book Review: “The God’s Eye View” by Barry Eisler


“The God’s Eye View”

By: Barry Eisler

We would only hope that this book is in reality a science fiction/thriller novel! But..it is hard not to relate this story with present day actives/situations we hear about every day on many of our own electronic devices and the mainstream media. SHIVER! A frightening, eye opening and realistic account of the capabilities and culpability that all our new technology has afforded us. Paranoid much? After reading this you will find yourself looking for camera’s, worrying about your computers browsing history and questioning all the space missions we think are generic and for research. I know it is not the usual paranormal fantasy thriller we review on this site but I strongly feel this book should be one in your library. I think I would much rather deal with a vamp, witch or shifter than try to fight against this global “know it all”.

“Visions of Snowden dancing in your head” … just imagine if you had come across something in your job as a surveillance technician that went against every marginally ethical bone in your body! Knowing you may hold a key to the government’s power and control, all disguised under the heading of “homeland security”, what would you do? How do you keep yourself out of the line of fire? Can you live with yourself if you do? Can you live period? Will they let you? All the questions the main character Evelyn Gallagher had to ask herself.

I read this story every free minute I had because the characters and storyline flowed easily, was very believable and has you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning. At first I questioned the episodes of erotic scenes included in this read but realized that even their intense moments added to the story about the boundaries people set for themselves.

Blake Crouch”s (author of Wayward Pines) endorsement statement read “…The God’s Eye View is one of the most important books that will be published this year.” I concur.

Please, give this a chance. You never know what you might learn!


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