Book Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


13417419_984962564933309_3908573052875993619_nWhat a wonderful little book. I of course grew up with the movie, little Charlie Bucket with the heart of gold. It was fascinating to read the book and see all of the things that are different in the movie, since the fantasy of the book would not have been able to be recreated on film. There are no squirrels in the movie that open walnuts whole, but geese that lay golden eggs, not as funny but easier to replicate. Charlie is not given the factory because he doesn’t give Slugworth the ever-lasting-gobstopper, but just because he is a good boy, and does not steal Fizzy-lifting-drinks. And one of my favorite parts is when Willy Wonka lands the great glass elevator in the Buckets home, through the roof and carries off the bucket family. Even if you have seen the film, please read the book, it is a not miss!!

Review by Leslie B.


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